Best Schools in Electronic City

Best Schools in Electronic City

Electronic City is one of the premier technology hubs in the world and is home to some of the premier schools in the vicinity. It is a great place for your child to enrol in one of the best schools in Electronic City featuring quality education.


The schools in Electronic City not only provide the best quality education but also provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities for their students.

  • The academies have adopted modern and innovative teaching methods which help the students to understand and explore their talents.
  • The teachers are exceptionally proficient and qualified in their respective subjects. They use inventive strategies to teach the students to learn in better ways.
  • The curriculum offered by the best schools in Electronic City is comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics that makes a strong foundation for the students.
  • From the core subjects of Maths, English, and Science, to the more modern and innovative courses like Computer Science, Robotics, and Electronics, the schools here have something for everyone.

Surana Vidyalaya – Best School in Electronic City

Affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Surana Vidyalaya is one of the best schools near Electronic City that creates an atmosphere for every student by allowing them to unlock their learning potential.

  • The school is a blend of educational excellence and real-world experience.
  • With a vast array of courses that span the sciences, humanities, and the arts, students here have access to various learning options to fit their needs and interests.
  • The curriculum at Surana Vidyalaya in Electronic City gives an engaging and holistic learning experience for the students.
  • Students will have hands-on activities that build curiosity to learn.
  • Field trips in school are a great advantage for students to improvise their critical thinking and observation skills.
  • Digital learning and project-based studies signify learning improvements.

By focusing on creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving approach, students at one of the best schools in Electronic City have immense options to develop their skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm to make the most of the world around them.



Surana Vidyalaya’s library is a gateway to knowledge and inspiration for many students! Whether a student is looking for reading material or to fuel academic studies, a two-storey library building has ultimate educational resources and reference materials to quench a thirst for knowledge.


Laboratory is the perfect place for students to explore the world of science and technology! With our state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and knowledgeable team of experts, we provide an immersive learning experience for students.

Computer Labs

State-of-the-art computer labs in one of the best schools in Electronic City provide students to explore the digital world. Our advanced school computer labs offer everything for students!


Equipped with the latest school infrastructure, from cutting-edge technology to modern classroom furniture, we have adequate school resources for productive to improvise learning outcomes.

Get outstanding academic success for your child by enrolling at the best schools in Electronic City.

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