Why should a parent attend environmental day event?

Why should a parent attend environmental day event?

Why should a parent attend environmental day event?

“It is not yours, nor mine.
It is ours. So, protect your mother who nourished you.”

Happy World Environmental Day

I am Savitha Umesh, a parent of class 3 child and an educator, Academic head for SURANA VIDYALAYA, which is one among the best schools in bangalore
This article tries to give an insight for a parent to either celebrate or attend the environment day event with a kid and to broaden the perception of an ecosystem.
Sow a better world today. Reap and have a better world tomorrow.
In view of the World Environment Day celebrated on the 5th of June, let’s explore how we could heal the world, by making this world a better place for our inner circle that is, our kids, the generation after them, and the entire human race. You do your bit, I will do mine to create the better environment that we wish for.
Stereotypically, we are made to think that planting a sapling in our surroundings is fair enough to celebrate the environmental day. But let’s be aware of its significance in doing so.

From helping the little one learns the alphabets to inculcating good manners, everything that a child begins learning at home. Thus, parents must raise their children to become environmentally conscious citizens! Is it not quality education in Bangalore at least?
“The environment is one of the most critical contributors to the global toll of more than ten million child deaths annually” states a WHO report.

Say ‘NO’ to plastics.

Children should be made aware of the menace that plastic can cause. Parents should ensure that the articles such as bottles, tiffin boxes, pencil case, etc., used by children should be made of environmentally friendly material. All CBSE schools in Bangalore are focusing on this!

Say ‘YES’ to trees.

Lack of trees in our neighbourhood leads to an imbalance in the ecosystem. It creates a variation in climatic conditions, flooding, loss of biodiversity, soil erosion, desert encroachment, soil compaction, and disruption of the hydrological (water) cycle and the list goes on if our mother nature is not conserved properly by us.
“Newspapers are the dead trees with information smeared on them.” Newspapers can be replaced with news from the Internet.
Every time your ward deals with paper craft or origami, parents can encourage them to utilise minimum than wasting erratically. Trees produce oxygen which we so need, especially during these COVID times.

Reduce, reuse and recycle.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are the 3 R’s of sustainability that turns things into other things, which are like MAGIC!
Every child should grow this habit of ‘reduce, reuse and recycle.’ In fact, parents should set examples for their little ones to follow. For example, when a child sees his father reuse the same article (cups, bottles, or dishes) multiple times, he too would get inspired to do the same. A child can be taught to harvest rainwater or recycle water using simple tips (for example, the water used to wipe the floor can be used to water the plants.)

The importance of natural resources

‘If conservation of natural resources goes wrong, nothing else will go right! ‘

The rate at which we are consuming natural resources would not be long before these become extinct from our earth. Parents should tell their children about how difficult (almost impossible) it would become to survive if we run out of water (yes, water is a finite resource) or natural gas.

World Environment Day helps to promote sustainable development to ensure that future generations have resources and a clean environment. Therefore all Top Schools in Electronic City Bangalore are focusing on this every year.

If each one of us understands and takes responsibility for saving Mother Earth, it is a possible change.
The one stop solution for all the adverse effects is to plant a tree (sapling). Let us increase the rate of reforestation and voice out for ECO WATCH.
Being a parent, we play a vital role in conserving our environment for our progeny.
Live and let live.


Savitha Umesh

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