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Admission 2024 in One of the Best Schools In Bangalore

One of the best schools in Bangalore 2024Surana Vidyalaya follows the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) curriculum. It is recognized as a quality of excellence in imparting excellent education for its students. The school is very well articulate to provide adequate infrastructure to enhance effective learning, knowledge bank, and academic performance of students. Students will have exposure to various extra-curricular activities, co-curricular learning, and sports activities, etc.

Surana Vidyalaya creates a strong base right from the kindergarten level to meet the futuristic academic standards for its students. It creates an essential of inspiring learning spirits by delivering creativity and a holistic approach that fosters excellence at every stage.

Being one of the reputed and best schools in Bangalore, Surana Vidyalaya is serving the purpose of delivering state-of-the-art facilities that establishes a progressive output by conducting assignments, tests, assessment, and final examinations of the students. We believe in unleashing the hidden potentials of the students by nurturing an appealing and cognitive environment.

Excellent Learning Environment

Our approach is to coordinate staff, students, and parents to share information and achieve breakthroughs in creating a conducive environment for learning and acquiring knowledge. This will encourage students to develop an interest in learning, explore new ideas, and develop skills. We have highly qualified and experienced teachers to fulfill these goals by finding ways of innovative teaching strategies.

Faculty at the Surana Vidyalaya is the backbone of our institution in shaping the student’s attitude toward learning the subject. With a great deal of effort, our teachers nourish their students to excel in both academic and extracurricular activities.

State-of-the-art school

The school always believes in providing good schooling for its students that empowers them to understand knowledge, connect with critical thinking aspects of the students, fosters students’ talent and abilities. Hence, we have appropriate learning resources and facilities that are offered to students to get the best learning experience. For instance, students can access our well-stocked library to improve their knowledge as well as instill reading habits.


One of the best affiliated schools in Bangalore, Surana Vidyalaya offers a CBSE curriculum and follows the CBSE syllabus pattern.

We intend to provide flexible learning that encourages students to explore new possibilities with well-designed labs, excellent ventilated class-rooms, and Wi-Fi enabled campus.

Safe and Secure Learning Environment

We always prioritize on a safe and secure learning environment for the students. It is very significant that one of the best schools in Bangalore, we focus on creating a friendly atmosphere even in the competitive phase. Students should get to understand the importance of discipline and encourage them to be amiable with their fellow students.

The school is ranked among the top schools in Bangalore 2024 for comprehensive holistic development for the students in the areas of integrity, moral values, optimum thinking, and confidence level.

Admission 2024-25 in Best Schools in Bangalore

As the best school in Bangalore, we aim to provide quality education with innovative methods that create a new dimension through the learning process.

Admissions are open at Surana Vidyalaya from Kindergarten to High-School.

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