Primary Schools Near Me

Education is a platform for a child to discover their potentials that creates possibilities of a prosperous future. School education has transcended itself in providing a unique learning methodology to stimulate the talent of the students. A child should have the privilege of having an excellent education, mentored by experienced teachers who encourage children at every step to realize their areas of interest, uncovered hidden skills, and identify their personality.Surana Vidyalaya is one of those best primary schools near you that brings excellence in school education. It has consistently strived to create a platform the child develops confidence, transform the child to be an independent and responsible citizen of the country.Primary school education is a crucial level that boosts a child’s confidence level and helps them in developing the skills they need to acquire to become thinkers and innovators.


At Surana Vidyalaya, we follow the CBSE pattern of a balanced curriculum that benefits in the development of your child. The primary school education program is very well designed as per the board that includes from Grade 1 to Grade 4.

The overall academic program will have three major areas – Curricular, Co-curricular, and extracurricular approach.


Most of the parents searching for primary schools near me opt for Surana Vidyalaya due to an innovative form of teaching techniques by experienced teachers. The curriculum parameters followed by our school give a fun learning way, flexible homework policy, and easy to learn.


Parents can seek admission for primary class by contacting our Admission Cell. We will guide you the entire procedure that enables you to register and apply for the admission. Based on the assessment, the candidate will be selected. To ensure effective teaching and quality learning process, we maintain limited students.

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